Welcome to Future House Store

Welcome to Future House Store

an independent lighting company based in Coventry specialising in a wide range of products for lighting, power supply, cables, aluminium profiles and LED accessories.

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How to choose the right power supply for your LED strip?

How to choose the right power supply for your LED strip?

What is an LED power supply? How does it work? By transforming 240-volt (mains) power to a lower voltage such as 24v or 12v, an LED power supply drives...

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Aluminium LED profiles

Aluminium LED profiles

Aluminium profiles not only protects the LED strip from mechanical damage but also work as an excellent heat sink. By selecting the appropriate cover you can obtain the effect of...

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LED advantages

LED advantages

A key advantage of LED lighting is considerably lower energy consumption. Properly designed LED illumination LED allows for up to 80% efficiency, which means that 80% of the consumed...

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By becoming a partner of Future House Store at the start you will receive big discounts that will allow you to spread your wings even if you are running small business.
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You will get access to training, tools and marketing materials to support sales.
Our technical sales team will provide you with support at every stage of the sales
market trends affirm that the LED lighting market in the coming years, waiting for a real boom not only in the UK but all over the world.
It is a great chance for you to success in this industry. Take advantage of it and become a partner of Future House Store today!
For more information please email us at: contact@futurehousestore.com
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